The Hottest Color in the Fashion World

Fashion 2019

The season of Spring and Summer are just a few months away. The fashion world is ready to give the latest summer fashion for 2019. And the hot fashion show wrapped up and all we can say is color. Great ready for the season of unexpected print mixing, bold palettes, and reworked silhouettes to fit into a modern, contemporary vernacular. Now let us take look at the global trends on what are the hot fashion dresses. For this article, we will highlight the color themes.

Hyper Brights

The first color is the vibrant a dazzling hyper pink. Which first seen in the most presentation that continues to intensify for later Spring/Summer collections. From head-to-toe looks most designer use to pair it back to optic white, black, or orange for balance.

Sunny Yellow

Sunny yellow is a signature color last year, but this year the color is brighter. The color Feminine yellow moving away from last year’s favored “Gen-Z” yellow. For this Spring/Summer 2019 we must expect a head-to-toe statement yellow dress. Most of the Designers using cotton and silk blends to highlight the color.


Another range of hyper-bright color that will come out this Spring/Summer 2019 is ice-cold lime. To provide essential pops of color the designer used this almost neon hue on skirts, shirts, and outerwear.

Electric Blue

Blue is here. Electric blue is getting ready to make a statement this year. The color has increasingly worked its way into brighter hues over the last seasons. The blue color is not only strong on the runway, but influencers have also recently begun wearing this color in head-to-toe-silk and cotton dresses. Moreover, this color will be more intensify by color blocking this with white, yellow or lime.

Ultra Red

Red the color of the season and its getting hotter than ever. It will boost in the event more, wherein the designer uses this color in combination with soft pastels. To have a fair look and to offer a feminine touch to their pieces.

These are just the color that will dominate this year in the fashion world.

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